Learn How to Get Free PSN Card Codes

Find out how to get PlayStation Network vouchers without spending money, get free games and much more!

Other Ways to Win Free PSN Cards Online

PlayStation network cards are a simple method to purchase games for your PlayStation consoles on the internet without using a credit card. They are popular among people who like to download titles instead of buying them at a store. They're an easy way to avoid long lines, damaged physical copies, and usually a good way to avoid having to enter long license keys. psn cards Don't let yourself get tricked into compromising your computer out of desperation. Read this simple guide, and with a little hard work, you'll be on your way to getting that game you've wanted for weeks or months. We've found five places where you can get free PSN codes in a safe and secure way.

#1 Points2Shop

This is a website that lets you earn real cash that can be taken out through PayPal. It also lets you earn points which you can redeem for a free PSN card code or PlayStation games. Sound simple? It is. points 2 shop To earn points, you can watch various videos, sing up for newsletters, complete lots of quizzes, do surveys, etc. Later on, you exchange these points for a variety of prizes. When you register and confirm your email address, you get 250 points right away. From there you complete offers on the website, and once you have enough points or cash, you can redeem a PSN card through the "Gamer Gift Section". It's that easy.

#2 Prize Rebel

Very similar to Points2Shop, Prize Rebel has offers which users complete to gain points. Once registered with your email, you'll have access to all of the offers. For reference, every point earned is worth $0.01. prize rebel You can redeem $10 and $20 PSN cards which go for 1000 and 2000 points respectively. It's just a matter of clicking on the "'Prize" section, and "Gift Cards".

#3 Rewards1

With Rewards1, you also gather points, but by doing a wider variety of tasks. There are offers for surveys, online shopping, or simply searching the internet, but also playing games, and participating in contests. rewards1 The registration process is simple, and will take you to the homepage where you'll see a list of every offer available. As with other websites, the currency comes in the form of points, with one point worth, again, $0.01. Rewards1, unlike other sites, lets users trade points which then gives more flexibility to every registered member.

#4 Whaff Rewards

If you want to get your free PSN code through an Android phone, then Whaff Rewards is for you. This mobile app is as easy as all the other methods mentioned here. All you have to do is download and use gaming applications. whaff With promo invitation code "BB07914" you get $0.30 after you log in for the first time to Whaff Rewards using your Facebook account. To get your free PSN codes, you need to generate enough virtual currency after which you can redeem them right away.

#5 SwagBucks

Finally, we have SwagBucks. Much like the rest, this is a website where you can complete a wide variety of tasks in exchange for a virtual currency aptly named "Swag Bucks". To start, all you need to do is register and confirm your email. Swagbucks Once you gather enough Swag Bucks to redeem a PSN code, you can go to "Rewards" and select the card of your choice in the "Rewards Store".

Best Free Games on PSN this Summer

Whether you're already a member of the Playstation network, or want to buy a subscription, this list of free titles will come in handy. Thanks to Sony's generous offering for their consoles, each user can enjoy lots of different games free of charge.

Since this is an overview of all the best games for this summer, we're going to be covering it by month. Every month Sony makes available two games for each of their platforms, the PS Vita, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.

Since some of these games support cross-buy, you can end up getting three of four games for any different console you might have. But that's not all. You can get the free games on your account and play them after you've purchased the gaming console it was made for.


NBA 2K16

First up in June, is NBA 2K16, for PlayStation 4. Originally at $60, it has quite the hefty price tag. For those of you who haven't played it yet, this is a realistic basketball game with licensed names and teams that let you play single matches or an entire season. nba 2k 16 Besides that, there's a MyCareer mode in which you can grow a player all the way to the NBA from high school and college.

Gone Home

Gone Home is not a typical game; it's more of an interactive story in the first person for the PS3 and PS4. Gone_Home You play a younger woman coming back home for a visit after a long trip through Europe. When you finally arrive, there's no one there, and that's where the adventure starts. In the absence of your family, you piece together what happened by searching rooms, finding letters, and more.


This PlayStation 3 title is an intriguing puzzle game in which you manipulate perspective in order to cross otherwise impossible obstacles. echochrome It's has a stark, black and white look to it, but otherwise, it's reminiscent of games like Fez.


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

A PlayStation 4 title, this is a sandbox game strongly resembling Grant Theft Auto, and filled with over the top action. saints_row_gat_out_of_hell Set in the developers' version of hell, it's oozing with charm and wit, while putting you up against the prince of darkness himself.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Available on PlayStation 3, Call of Juarez is for everyone that loves Westerns and first person shooters. call of juarez It's set in the late 19th century of the Wild West while focusing on brothers McCall, two Confederate deserters who get into large scale shootouts, and other adventures.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

A title for the PS Vita, Oreshika is a game made for those who love a touch of weird in their RPG games. oreshika-tainted-bloodlines The story is built around a family who has been cursed to die by way of rapid aging withing two years. They can't have children of their own, so they persuade gods to make offspring with them by slaying monsters around a fantasy world.


Tricky Towers

One more title for the PS4, Tricky Towers has a strong resemblance to Tetris. tricky tower This is a puzzle game based on physics which has you battling to stop your tower from tumbling over while blocks keep coming down from the sky. It has a multiplayer mode so you can duke it out with your friends, which is what gives this games a special appeal.

Rebel Galaxy

Made for the PS4, Rebel Galaxy is a 3d space action game in which you steer a destroyer through a generated universe. reel galaxy You can take jobs as a pirate or a mercenary, but big battles and impressive explosions are guaranteed for all.


It's time to take out your Guitar Hero control from the closet and wipe off the dust. Made for the PS3, retro-grade Retro/Grade is a mix of rhythm game and old style shoot 'em up. Time flows backward, and you must 'un-fire' attacks along the music's beat and maneuver to avoid enemies, or else a temporal anomaly rips the universe to shreds. Fun, right?

Patapon 3

Finally, for the PSP Vita, we have Patapon 3. This rhythm game and sequel carries on where Patapon 2 left off. PeopleVs_Patapon3_vf2 Drums are represented with the PSP face buttons, and must be hit to a particular rhythm so that you can give instructions to your army of Patapons. They must defeat Seven Evil Archfiends after they release them at the start of the game.

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