The Advantages of Being a Playstation Plus Member

Mar 29

Playstation plus account is needed to play online, but what benefits does it bring and is it worth it? For 49.99$, which is the cost of a 12 month subscription, you can get huge amount of games titles, amazing discounts, and other services and applications on the network. Yearly membership on Plastation plus is just 10 dollars more costly that buying an actual game. So what exactly do you get with these subscriptions?

First of all, the option to play online, and experience the next-gen gaming at its fullest. PS 4 is currently the most advanced gaming console, it is the gaming pinnacle of technology in the time that we are living. Game designers and companies worked day and night to present us with these games with the amazing graphics and physics.

Monthly free games: every month you get two hand-picked games for no charge at all. There is always a sense of excitement when we are presented with present, the whole point is in surprising the person. The same rules apply here, Sony is giving away presents every month throughout the year. It’s like Christmas that comes every month in a form of free games! And it’s totally free! playstation-plus

Another benefit of gaining a membership of Playstation plus are numerous promotions and discounts. Depending on the version of the console that game is played on or how well did game go in reaching the sky in sense of popularity, the discounts can go pretty high. For some older games you can find up to 70% discount, new games that may be on promotions also have a discount. These discounts apply also to other stuff you can find on market like bundles, add-ons, themes or avatars.

Cloud storage lets you store all of your save files for different games. You can even import save, and game files from another console that you possess or have played on. It is a massive data storage that lets you keep all that hard work progress, achievements, unlocks, skins and all the other great stuff completely safe in an online database. It really acts like a ban for save games if you think about it. 10gb-banner

Automatic system updates are also available when being a member. No more checking online when a game patch or a new version of system software will be released. It’s like having a maintenance program that you don’t even notice but keeps all the systems ready to use and up to date.

One more great thing that the memberships buys is the Early Access option. Playstation members get a VIP treatment with invitation for trying a new beta or an upcoming hot game, demos and trials before anyone else. After readyng this anyone can say loud and clear that buying any membership type for Playstation plus is worth every dime.

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