Dec 20

Free PlayStation Network Games for December 2016

Being a member of PlayStation Network brings all sorts of benefits with it. One of the greatest privileges you have as a member is the opportunity to get free monthly games. And the fact that these games are free doesn’t indicate they are less popular, or that they lack quality, they are simply there because PlayStation Network wants to offer something more to their members. Every month they have something new to offer and this month is no different. So let’s take a look at the list of free games on PSN in December.

Invisible Inc.

invisible-incIf you’ve played Commandos before, one of the first games that Eidos released, you’ll probably love this one as it is quite similar to it. Now this game is all about the plan. How you chose to move across the level, and what moves you plan to make, directly affects your chance for success. It is a tactical turn-based game that requires a lot of thinking, so you can say that it’s a lot like a puzzle game in a way. The game is designed to be played over and over again, as a number of different difficulty settings suggest.

There isn’t much to the storyline, but as each mission can be repeatable you kind off create your own story depending on how you approach certain situations. You have four agents to choose from; you can only bring two on the mission. Each with a different set of skills, they all have something else to offer. Every action you do or plan to do, requires action points, whether it’s walking to the designated spot or disrupting a guard.

So the first thing to pay attention to is a number of action points you have at your disposal. The game isn’t easy, but game mechanics are quite basic. So you’ll learn how to play the game in a relatively short period of time. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be good at it. Nevertheless, don’t let the difficulty of this game discourage you not to get it, as it is definitely worth it.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

stories-the-path-of-destiniesThe game was developed and published by Spearhead Games, but the most important to mention about this game is that it runs on Unreal 4 engine. We’ve seen games on the Unreal engine before, and we know what to expect from these type of games. But this game is different than the regular FPS Unreal 4 engine fueled game.

It’s an action role-playing game that follows Reynaldo, a sword waving fox, as he completes different missions in this steampunk-themed world of theirs. The game is full of interesting characters that have gritty, sarcastic comments on your actions. For some reason, main antagonists in this game are birds, mostly Ravens. Regarding the gameplay itself, the biggest problem is the combat system.

The game rewards you if you time your attacks right, and build a bigger combo, but game mechanics don’t respond to well. Some attacks have a delay, slashing enemies about half second after the strike lands. And this is quite odd for a game whose goal is to challenge you to improve your combat strategy. You can also get the game for PSN codes, and you can find out how to get them on this page.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops.

tiny-troopersIf you like simple shooting games that let you roam around levels, shooting waves and waves of enemies then this game is perfect for you. As it doesn’t offer anything else than that, it’s quite obvious why this game is added to the list of free PSN games for December. You can’t always have only top selling games on the monthly free games list. The gameplay is quite simple, you move your tiny troops with left analog stick and shoot with the other one.

Adding a couple of more buttons for actions like throwing grenades and activating certain items, doesn’t contribute much to the game. The game was obviously intended for the younger audience, as there isn’t much to it other than a couple of modes like zombie invasion and time-trial mode. So if you like to shoot hordes of enemies, collect medals and random stuff that pops up from thin air this is a game for you.

Being a member of PlayStation Network is much more than just a contribution to sheer number in gaming community. It gives you the opportunity to affect future games and their development by actively commenting and adding your thought to general gaming discussion.

Oct 19

What is PlayStation Now and How to Use It

What is it?

Wanting to get ahead of the competition with an innovative solution, Sony launched PlayStation Now in 2015. They set it up as a cloud-based service which lets members stream and play PlayStation 3 titles on other consoles and devices. The list now includes the PS3, PS4, the PS Vita, PS TV and some Smart TVs. But, that’s not all. Sony has included PCs, as well, so that you can play on your desktop or laptop computer.

The list of available games has 400 titles and growing. It’s a mix of classics that everyone can play or replay, as well as smaller, lesser-known games.

To use PlayStation Now you need the following:

  • A compatible device
  • Free Sony Entertainment Network account
  • At least 5Mbs broadband internet
  • DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controller depending on your device


PlayStation Now is available on the following hardware:
PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, some Sony 2015 TVs, as well as some Sony Blue Ray players and Samsung Smart TVs.

If you’re playing on your desktop PC or laptop, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need a particularly powerful computer.

How much does it cost?

If you want to try PlayStation Now out, there are several options to choose from including the free 7-Day trial which is limited to the US and Canada. Currently PlayStation Now is available either on a subscription or a rental basis in Canada and the United States. That means that you can either rent individual games or get access to the whole library.


The prices vary depending on the amount of time you want to play a particular title. You can rent games for four hours, thirty days, or ninety days. The price range starts at about $1.99 and goes up to a maximum price of $14.99. If you need free psn card codes to get a subscription, you should check out our daily giveaway.

There are three subscription options for the US. A three-month membership for $44.99, or a 1-month membership for $19.99. The longer of the two saves you $4.99. If you are in the UK, renting titles is available, as well as a monthly fee of £12.99 for access to the complete game library.

How do you use it?

  • PS4
    Go to the PlayStation Store from your home screen.
    Find the tab titled “PlayStation Now” for a free trial or select “Join Now” for a subscription.
    Browse, pick and play games from your PlayStation Now app.
  • Windows PC
    Download and install dedicated app.
    Start trial or sign in to existing subscription.
    Connect DualShock 4 WiFi or other, compatible controller and start playing.
  • PS TV, PS 3 and PS Vita
    Go to the PlayStation Store and find the tab called “PlayStation Now.”
    Choose “Join Now” for a subscription or “Free Trial.”
    Or select “Subscription” to get the PS Now app on your home screen.
    Start streaming games or play them later by adding them to “My List.”

Sep 12

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2016

PlayStation Plus has some great promotions and free games ready for September 2016. Besides some cool games ready for September, Sony is releasing the long-awaited “Journey.” “Journey” has the title of “The fastest selling PSN title in history.”

Although many big releases are still a while away, like “The Last Guardian” and “Gran Turismo Sport”, September releases are still quite exciting. Play Station Meeting is also going to be held in September and Sony is probably going to announce the slimmer model of PlayStation 4 and the rumored PlayStation 4 Neo which is a new high-end iteration on the PlayStation 4.

The September releases:

Journey (PS4, PS3)

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3)

Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

Datura (PS3)

Badland (PS Vita, PS4, PS3)

Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita)


So, overall, that’s three games for PS4, four games for PS3, and the usual two for PS Vita. Sony prepared a surprise regarding game quality to make up for the price increase in September.

For those who are not familiar with “Journey”, it’s a game for PS3 which got a great critical reception, as well as many rewards. This indie experience from that game company puts the player in the middle of the desert with one goal only – go forward.


Who and what you find in the meantime will define your gaming experience. Every player experiences this game differently, and that’s why this game is among the most beautiful and dynamic games on the market at the moment.

The Dark-Souls inspired game, Lords of the Fallen, never received the attention it deserves after a shaky start and a rocky release. By releasing the game for PS4, Sony wants to prepare their clients for the upcoming sequel in 2017.


Badland will also be available for PS4 in September. Badland is a fun puzzle game featuring a multiplayer mode that should make it even more interesting for the PS+ subscribers and adventure enthusiasts.

With Datura, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and Amnesia: Memories coming free in September, Sony will make their subscribers satisfied. All of these games are high-end, quality games. September feels like one of the best free games months thus far. The $10 annual price increase for the subscription is worth it. Sony managed to compensate for the price increase quite well.


Sony nailed it with the September line-up. All of these games will glue you to your chair for hours, and they’re all free for playstation plus owners. if you aren’t a member already, try winning ps plus card for free on our daily giveaway. As usual, the new free games rotation start on the first Tuesday of the month, and the previous month’s free games rotation ends the night before.

It seems like Sony finally started listening to their fans and started releasing some high-quality games to make up for the annual subscription price increase. Action games enthusiasts, puzzle solvers, and horror game lovers will have a blast playing PlayStation platforms in September. Hopefully, Sony will continue in this fashion with the next free rotation.

Aug 23

Which is Better? PlayStation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold

Just like with other famous rivalries along the lines of Pepsi Vs Coke, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live Gold are products with strong similarities that are polarizing among users. After a while, it comes down to a matter of taste, but a comparison can be made. After all, there has to be an advantage that one has over the other, even if it’s a small one.

These are services for Microsoft’s Xbox platform and Sony’s PlayStation consoles. With both, you can enjoy playing with your friends. Each service has giveaways every month, they have discounts for their users, and both will set you back approximately the same price in subscriptions. But, let’s take a closer look.

How much do they cost?

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is somewhat cheaper with a 12-month subscription being $49.99, and a 3-month membership costing $17.99. A one-month membership is also available, and it costs $9.99, just like the one on Xbox.

Xbox Live Gold has a 12-month subscription that comes out to a total of $59.99. If you want a 3-month plan it’s $24.99, while a one-month membership costs $9.99.

When it comes to price, PlayStation Plus has a slight advantage of the Xbox Live Gold.

Free games every month

Xbox live gold offers their users a number of free titles depending on which, and how many consoles you own. With an older Xbox 360, you receive two games per month. If you’ve got the most recent console, the Xbox One, then you get two free games as well, although one is probably going to be carried over from a previous month. If you’re a proud owner of two Microsoft console, then there are four games in it for you with their service.


PlayStation Plus offers a total of six free games each month, but keep in mind that you have to own the PS4, the PS3, as well as the PlayStation Vita. But, don’t be discouraged because a good number of games run across multiple platforms.

When it comes to free titles, both services offer a lot, but PlayStation Live gives more often recent or brand new games. Besides that, there are quite a few indie games for PlayStation live members. On the other hand, Xbox Live Gold isn’t on par with Sony’s service, even though there’s a constant improvement on its part.

What about discounts?

Xbox Live Gold has discounts on many different games for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One every week. Wildly varying, they can range from 30% all the way up to 75%, not just for small indie games, but also triple A heavy hitters. There are sales for non-gold members, too, but Gold subscribers get the best deals.

PlayStation Plus has regular sales in its store just like Xbox Live. Although they’re open to all members, users that are PlayStation Plus subscribers tend to get a bigger discount. For example, during the Holiday Sale, PlayStation Plus subscribers get 10% extra off on games that were already on discount.

When it comes to discounts, PlayStation and Xbox are neck and neck. They both have discounts and regular sales, but also special deals for subscribers. You won’t be losing anything with either. There’s a constant offer of discounted games for both services.

The perks of opposing sides

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you get cloud saves, access to beta versions of their programs, and game trailers. One clear advantage to Sony’s services is the exclusive tv programming, which the Xbox doesn’t have. For example, the original series titled ‘Powers’ is turning out to be a big draw for new members.

xbox gold

Xbox Live Gold members can get their hands on demos and take part in beta programs ahead of nonsubscribers, but also have access to storage in the cloud. Xbox DVR is a simple way to view game clips and screenshots, create playlists and albums, and share these through social media.

With regards to perks, both services are pretty close, but PlayStation has popular tv show going for it, so it’s another round for PlayStation Plus in the books.

If judged by these categories, coming out on top is PlayStation Plus. But, in the end, just like with Pepsi And Coke, it’s a matter of personal preference. You won’t regret getting either.

Jul 20

Get PlayStation Plus and all of its Benefits for Free in 2016

If you are a proud owner of a PlayStation console, you have already heard of PlayStation Plus. But what exactly does this feature do and how to get it?

Well, PlayStation Plus is a part of the PlayStation Network or PSN. It represents the digital media service owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was launched in 2006 and it was originally meant for the PlayStation consoles, but it soon included smartphones, tablets, and High-def TVs. There are more than 110 million documented and 65 million are active.

These PSN services are a part of an online market called the PlayStation Store. After getting the premium subscription, this service provides social features and online gaming, as well as movie streaming, purchases.

PlayStation Plus is a paid service that includes features on most devices made by Sony. Every user will receive monthly gifts and prizes like upcoming video game betas, discounts, and even free video games. In fact, user can download at least six games every month. The bundle contains two games for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita each. Users also get 10 GB of internet storage space and as much as 1,000 save game files.


PlayStation 4 players have to pay for a subscription to the PlayStation Plus feature to be able to plan the online multiplayer features. They may choose between playing for a month, three months or an annual subscription of $50.

Get Your Pass For Free

Of course, there are other ways to get your hands on one of these PlayStation Plus cards for free. In fact, you can just click on the following link and get your own free card from this site. New codes are handed out every day, but the number of them is limited. That is why you have to visit often and try your luck. The more you visit, the bigger the odds you’ll get a free pass.

Even if you do not win a free pass for PlayStation Plus, you still have chances to win a cash voucher of $20 or $50 for your PSN wallet. You can later spend the credits on your favorite games, movies, or whatever you find interesting on the network. The cash prizes are also given away every day and there is even more of them.

psn plus free

There are many lucky winners every day. Some of them have the luck to be picked out the first time, but most drop by every day and they keep doing it until they get their own PlayStation Plus subscription or a cash prize.

Instead of spending money for a code, get one for free in the daily lottery and it will pay off. PSN credits are great because one can never get too many games and movies to watch. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye open for offers like this one so make sure to check it out as soon as possible.

redeem psn codes
Jul 20

How to redeem free PSN vouchers?

If you want to use a PlayStation gift card or if you have a PS Plus subscription, you have to have money on the PSN account. You can get a voucher code which has a set of letters and numbers when you buy a card.

The codes are available on the PS Store, through email, and with a game disk. Many users find redeeming codes for PlayStation 4. If you still didn’t give it a try, visit this page and redeem your PSN card code with the online generator.

We will now explain exactly the steps you should take to get a code very easily.

There are two types of codes; twelve digits and ten digits. The twelve digit code can be redeemed and used to download games and other features like PlayStation Plus. You can also add money go your online wallet on PSN. The ten digit codes are also usable, but we’ll talk about the longer ones first.


First, open the PS Store and scroll down the menu on the left side. Find the option for redeeming codes and then press the X button. Then use the on-screen keyboard and enter the code. You don’t have to enter blank spaces or any capital letters.

Press the R2 button after entering the code and select continue. If you are trying to redeem fund voucher on your wallet, you’ll be asked for the desired amount. Select confirm again and use the code to get items. If you select continue now will give you the option to download the content.

Selecting otherwise will lead you to the library where you can download the games you want. Then select the arrow located next to the item you want to download and press X. You will also confirm the add-ons installed here.

The 10 digit codes work a little different. You have to enter them in the PS Store shopping cart. Open the card that contains at least one product and enter select enter discount code. After entering the code, press R2, and select continue to see the new, discounted price of all items in your cart.

psn card codes

Then just select proceed to checkout and select the payment method. Select continue one more time and the transaction will end. You can remove a code if you want to use it later on.

There are a couple of reasons why your code may not be accepted. These are the things to know:

  • Verify the correct code entry. Try it a couple of times if it doesn’t work right away.
  • You can redeem a code only once. Note that every code is for a single use.
  • Try entering the same code later on. Sometimes codes can be rejected because the game is too new so you have to enter them a couple of days later.
  • Every PSN account can use only one discount code. If yours is not accepted, you might have one applied already.
  • Check if your voucher expired. They have expiration days so make sure to check first.
  • Sometimes the retailer activates PlayStation Plus and gift cards. If this happens just return to the store and ask for a replacement.
Mar 29

Playstation Network vs Xbox Live Comparison

So while the PS4 has been flying off the shelf and doing really well, one area that has been shaky for the Playstation has been the play station network and their online service. A lot of people expected that the servers would be a lot more stable by now, simply because everybody is forced to pay for it and you have to have a membership so you would think Sony is investing that money back in its infrastructure. So far it seems that every other week there are stories and articles popping up where the Playstation network is down or out or not working in some areas.


This was a huge problem and a stain on Playtation’s name and trademark, along with the network outage in 2011, which was corrected in time with important updates. This was basically the main issue with Playstation network, by the time people from Sony corrected this problem, XBOX gained some fame with innovations like voice navigation which is a pretty cool thing but comparing all the pros and cons of both consoles it doesn’t really make that much difference and wins the race. Let’s look at the price for yearly subscriptions and things they offer. To subscribe for a 12 month account for XBOX live, giving you the same content as Playstation network, you would need to pay up 59.99$, 24.99 $ for the three months subscription, and 9.99$ for one month. This will grant you a great online experience, loads of free games each month to pick and play, and game discounts along with other things on market. 2359548-xbl7

Playstation network will give all that and more with over 250 games available so far to choose from, and other entertaining options like music service Spotify,  Playstation view- a different way to get at TV that is better than most cable packages out there that you can actually get. Another service worth mentioning is Playstation Plus, a service that delivers a ton of great games, so you are basically paying one price and playing as much as you want. All of these great features you can get for 49.99$ for a 12 months membership, 17.99$ for a tree month membership, or a one month membership for 9.99$.

Let’s conclude. Looking at benefits of both consoles and services that they provide along with the price for them it is clear that Playstation network comes out on top. Not just because it is simply cheaper but also because it offers service content that is exclusive and contains all the features that XBOX can offer. Both platforms were under DDOS attacks and hackers mostly during the holiday season, but what is important is the way each of them contributed in buying back their thrust from fans. What happened was inevitable and there was no way anyone could know this attacks would happen,  but what Sonny did adding all those games from 2K, Activision, Bethesda is truly remarkable, showing that they really care what gamers that prefer PSN over XBOX live  want to see and experience in online gaming.

Mar 29

How to Get Free Games on Playstation Network?

We ‘ve heard a lot on how to get games that are absolutely free on Playstation network, not demos not trial, completely free games. There are a lot of scams and videos, articles that promise you a way to get games for free but a lot of them just don’t work and are a scam for various reasons, whether it’s a YouTube video created get as much views as possible until discovered as scam, or an article made for advertising other stuff in it. Well today we are going to present you with some filtered and already proven ways to acquire games that are absolutely free and legit.

Every system has a glitch, or a bug or some way to go around the security measures that are protecting it from viruses, programs that are trying to get something for nothing etc. Well the good thing is that they don’t have brains to figure out and think outside the box, they are created to try to do this just the way they are programed to and no other way. One of the ways to infiltrate in to the system and walk straight out with bought product in your cart is to make an account on Playstation network going trough all that steps, giving random information but when asked to choose your country find and choose Qatar. For some reason you can get preordered games as fully functional free games on Playstation network. Of course there are only few games that you can pre-order, but hey you will get the game instantly as you download it for the amazing price of 0$.  playstation-network-one

Another way to get free games is to get playstation voucher for free by checking forums, social media and sites related to this topic. By simply choosing a 3 months, 12 months or a one day code, you are given a chance to win a generated code that acts basically as voucher for any game that you want to buy available on Playstation network. In order to get the voucher you will need to enter the voucher code, after reading the message sent by PSN generator site that provided it in the first place. This is a tested way to get free games that totally work, proven by many satisfied clients. psn-cards-1

You can also sign up on certain sites, and get promotions. After you check in you will receive email which contains instructions, that you can follow step by step, that will notify you regarding free games in the future that you may collect. Keep in mind that these are not the latest games that you can find on game market, nonetheless they are great game titles that will remain as legends in gaming history.

These were legit ways to get free games on Playstation network, you will not break any laws and you will be able to sleep with clear conscience.

Mar 29

Free Games on Playstation Network in 2016

The Playstation 4 is still pushing out a lot of great free to play games in the near future. Many of these games are filled with hours and hours of progressive gameplay. There is no need to find ways to generate free psn codes because they are already free to play games and you get two every month. There are both cooperative and competitive multiplayer games so there is something for everyone. These games spread across multiple genres from 3rd person action games to M.O.B.A.’s and strategy games so let’s take a look at some of these great free to play games.

January line up of free games:

Hardware: Rivals

A new release developed by SCE Connected Content Group, based in London. Its seems only natural that another vehicle based multiplayer game would be on the horizon, after the phenomenon success of rocket league which was a PS+ title released last year. Resembling the good old Twisted Metal series dominating the consoles before, this title has much to offer. The controls are incredibly easy to master, and come really natural so there will be no impossible button combinations to master or annoying camera problems. Hardware: Rivals offers a very slick and sharp interface and is incredibly easy to navigate and get straight in to a game, which is a blessing among multiplayer titles.

Grim Fandango Remastered

grimfandangoreleasePlaying the bellowed Grim Fandango again is like seeing skeleton get up and start walking around. Its fantastic that this long lost Lucas Arts relic is now available to play again, because it’s an important piece of gaming history that’s been hard to experience in the past 16 years. Just as Grim’s engrossing and funny story is no less funny today as it was 1998 its 3D graphics has held up pretty well. The most significant new feature is the developer commentary track which is highly recommendable to turn on in the special features menu before starting the game.

February line up:


Helldivers is a rare game that knows exactly what it wants to do and does it with complete confidence and authority. So much more than just another twin stick’s shooter, it presents us with incredibly varied missions with sandboxes and tactical options. The galactic map interface does a great job of communicating the communities progress, creating a constant sense of purpose. Capture of defend objectives, call defensive turrets, where snow covered maps might tempt you to bring a Exosuit or a Jet pack to make traversal a little bit easier.

Nom Nom Galaxy

copy-copy-You are an Astroworker of Soup co whose business goal is to explore the known universe in search of the finest ingredients to create the best and yummiest soups imaginable. So your role is to explore the galaxy and its planets, construct fully functional soup producing factories and discover “nom” worthy ingredients. This game is all about exploring, scavenging, constructing, overcoming and surviving. You are in constant risk from perishing, as other soup companies will try to do the same and surpass your company in the ruthless competitive world of Nom Nom.

Mar 29

The Advantages of Being a Playstation Plus Member

Playstation plus account is needed to play online, but what benefits does it bring and is it worth it? For 49.99$, which is the cost of a 12 month subscription, you can get huge amount of games titles, amazing discounts, and other services and applications on the network. Yearly membership on Plastation plus is just 10 dollars more costly that buying an actual game. So what exactly do you get with these subscriptions?

First of all, the option to play online, and experience the next-gen gaming at its fullest. PS 4 is currently the most advanced gaming console, it is the gaming pinnacle of technology in the time that we are living. Game designers and companies worked day and night to present us with these games with the amazing graphics and physics.

Monthly free games: every month you get two hand-picked games for no charge at all. There is always a sense of excitement when we are presented with present, the whole point is in surprising the person. The same rules apply here, Sony is giving away presents every month throughout the year. It’s like Christmas that comes every month in a form of free games! And it’s totally free! playstation-plus

Another benefit of gaining a membership of Playstation plus are numerous promotions and discounts. Depending on the version of the console that game is played on or how well did game go in reaching the sky in sense of popularity, the discounts can go pretty high. For some older games you can find up to 70% discount, new games that may be on promotions also have a discount. These discounts apply also to other stuff you can find on market like bundles, add-ons, themes or avatars.

Cloud storage lets you store all of your save files for different games. You can even import save, and game files from another console that you possess or have played on. It is a massive data storage that lets you keep all that hard work progress, achievements, unlocks, skins and all the other great stuff completely safe in an online database. It really acts like a ban for save games if you think about it. 10gb-banner

Automatic system updates are also available when being a member. No more checking online when a game patch or a new version of system software will be released. It’s like having a maintenance program that you don’t even notice but keeps all the systems ready to use and up to date.

One more great thing that the memberships buys is the Early Access option. Playstation members get a VIP treatment with invitation for trying a new beta or an upcoming hot game, demos and trials before anyone else. After readyng this anyone can say loud and clear that buying any membership type for Playstation plus is worth every dime.

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