Free Games on Playstation Network in 2016

Mar 29

The Playstation 4 is still pushing out a lot of great free to play games in the near future. Many of these games are filled with hours and hours of progressive gameplay. There is no need to find ways to generate free psn codes because they are already free to play games and you get two every month. There are both cooperative and competitive multiplayer games so there is something for everyone. These games spread across multiple genres from 3rd person action games to M.O.B.A.’s and strategy games so let’s take a look at some of these great free to play games.

January line up of free games:

Hardware: Rivals

A new release developed by SCE Connected Content Group, based in London. Its seems only natural that another vehicle based multiplayer game would be on the horizon, after the phenomenon success of rocket league which was a PS+ title released last year. Resembling the good old Twisted Metal series dominating the consoles before, this title has much to offer. The controls are incredibly easy to master, and come really natural so there will be no impossible button combinations to master or annoying camera problems. Hardware: Rivals offers a very slick and sharp interface and is incredibly easy to navigate and get straight in to a game, which is a blessing among multiplayer titles.

Grim Fandango Remastered

grimfandangoreleasePlaying the bellowed Grim Fandango again is like seeing skeleton get up and start walking around. Its fantastic that this long lost Lucas Arts relic is now available to play again, because it’s an important piece of gaming history that’s been hard to experience in the past 16 years. Just as Grim’s engrossing and funny story is no less funny today as it was 1998 its 3D graphics has held up pretty well. The most significant new feature is the developer commentary track which is highly recommendable to turn on in the special features menu before starting the game.

February line up:


Helldivers is a rare game that knows exactly what it wants to do and does it with complete confidence and authority. So much more than just another twin stick’s shooter, it presents us with incredibly varied missions with sandboxes and tactical options. The galactic map interface does a great job of communicating the communities progress, creating a constant sense of purpose. Capture of defend objectives, call defensive turrets, where snow covered maps might tempt you to bring a Exosuit or a Jet pack to make traversal a little bit easier.

Nom Nom Galaxy

copy-copy-You are an Astroworker of Soup co whose business goal is to explore the known universe in search of the finest ingredients to create the best and yummiest soups imaginable. So your role is to explore the galaxy and its planets, construct fully functional soup producing factories and discover “nom” worthy ingredients. This game is all about exploring, scavenging, constructing, overcoming and surviving. You are in constant risk from perishing, as other soup companies will try to do the same and surpass your company in the ruthless competitive world of Nom Nom.

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