Free PlayStation Network Games for December 2016

Dec 20

Being a member of PlayStation Network brings all sorts of benefits with it. One of the greatest privileges you have as a member is the opportunity to get free monthly games. And the fact that these games are free doesn’t indicate they are less popular, or that they lack quality, they are simply there because PlayStation Network wants to offer something more to their members. Every month they have something new to offer and this month is no different. So let’s take a look at the list of free games on PSN in December.

Invisible Inc.

invisible-incIf you’ve played Commandos before, one of the first games that Eidos released, you’ll probably love this one as it is quite similar to it. Now this game is all about the plan. How you chose to move across the level, and what moves you plan to make, directly affects your chance for success. It is a tactical turn-based game that requires a lot of thinking, so you can say that it’s a lot like a puzzle game in a way. The game is designed to be played over and over again, as a number of different difficulty settings suggest.

There isn’t much to the storyline, but as each mission can be repeatable you kind off create your own story depending on how you approach certain situations. You have four agents to choose from; you can only bring two on the mission. Each with a different set of skills, they all have something else to offer. Every action you do or plan to do, requires action points, whether it’s walking to the designated spot or disrupting a guard.

So the first thing to pay attention to is a number of action points you have at your disposal. The game isn’t easy, but game mechanics are quite basic. So you’ll learn how to play the game in a relatively short period of time. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be good at it. Nevertheless, don’t let the difficulty of this game discourage you not to get it, as it is definitely worth it.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

stories-the-path-of-destiniesThe game was developed and published by Spearhead Games, but the most important to mention about this game is that it runs on Unreal 4 engine. We’ve seen games on the Unreal engine before, and we know what to expect from these type of games. But this game is different than the regular FPS Unreal 4 engine fueled game.

It’s an action role-playing game that follows Reynaldo, a sword waving fox, as he completes different missions in this steampunk-themed world of theirs. The game is full of interesting characters that have gritty, sarcastic comments on your actions. For some reason, main antagonists in this game are birds, mostly Ravens. Regarding the gameplay itself, the biggest problem is the combat system.

The game rewards you if you time your attacks right, and build a bigger combo, but game mechanics don’t respond to well. Some attacks have a delay, slashing enemies about half second after the strike lands. And this is quite odd for a game whose goal is to challenge you to improve your combat strategy. You can also get the game for PSN codes, and you can find out how to get them on this page.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops.

tiny-troopersIf you like simple shooting games that let you roam around levels, shooting waves and waves of enemies then this game is perfect for you. As it doesn’t offer anything else than that, it’s quite obvious why this game is added to the list of free PSN games for December. You can’t always have only top selling games on the monthly free games list. The gameplay is quite simple, you move your tiny troops with left analog stick and shoot with the other one.

Adding a couple of more buttons for actions like throwing grenades and activating certain items, doesn’t contribute much to the game. The game was obviously intended for the younger audience, as there isn’t much to it other than a couple of modes like zombie invasion and time-trial mode. So if you like to shoot hordes of enemies, collect medals and random stuff that pops up from thin air this is a game for you.

Being a member of PlayStation Network is much more than just a contribution to sheer number in gaming community. It gives you the opportunity to affect future games and their development by actively commenting and adding your thought to general gaming discussion.

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