How to Get Free Games on Playstation Network?

Mar 29

We ‘ve heard a lot on how to get games that are absolutely free on Playstation network, not demos not trial, completely free games. There are a lot of scams and videos, articles that promise you a way to get games for free but a lot of them just don’t work and are a scam for various reasons, whether it’s a YouTube video created get as much views as possible until discovered as scam, or an article made for advertising other stuff in it. Well today we are going to present you with some filtered and already proven ways to acquire games that are absolutely free and legit.

Every system has a glitch, or a bug or some way to go around the security measures that are protecting it from viruses, programs that are trying to get something for nothing etc. Well the good thing is that they don’t have brains to figure out and think outside the box, they are created to try to do this just the way they are programed to and no other way. One of the ways to infiltrate in to the system and walk straight out with bought product in your cart is to make an account on Playstation network going trough all that steps, giving random information but when asked to choose your country find and choose Qatar. For some reason you can get preordered games as fully functional free games on Playstation network. Of course there are only few games that you can pre-order, but hey you will get the game instantly as you download it for the amazing price of 0$.  playstation-network-one

Another way to get free games is to get playstation voucher for free by checking forums, social media and sites related to this topic. By simply choosing a 3 months, 12 months or a one day code, you are given a chance to win a generated code that acts basically as voucher for any game that you want to buy available on Playstation network. In order to get the voucher you will need to enter the voucher code, after reading the message sent by PSN generator site that provided it in the first place. This is a tested way to get free games that totally work, proven by many satisfied clients. psn-cards-1

You can also sign up on certain sites, and get promotions. After you check in you will receive email which contains instructions, that you can follow step by step, that will notify you regarding free games in the future that you may collect. Keep in mind that these are not the latest games that you can find on game market, nonetheless they are great game titles that will remain as legends in gaming history.

These were legit ways to get free games on Playstation network, you will not break any laws and you will be able to sleep with clear conscience.

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