Playstation Network vs Xbox Live Comparison

Mar 29

So while the PS4 has been flying off the shelf and doing really well, one area that has been shaky for the Playstation has been the play station network and their online service. A lot of people expected that the servers would be a lot more stable by now, simply because everybody is forced to pay for it and you have to have a membership so you would think Sony is investing that money back in its infrastructure. So far it seems that every other week there are stories and articles popping up where the Playstation network is down or out or not working in some areas.


This was a huge problem and a stain on Playtation’s name and trademark, along with the network outage in 2011, which was corrected in time with important updates. This was basically the main issue with Playstation network, by the time people from Sony corrected this problem, XBOX gained some fame with innovations like voice navigation which is a pretty cool thing but comparing all the pros and cons of both consoles it doesn’t really make that much difference and wins the race. Let’s look at the price for yearly subscriptions and things they offer. To subscribe for a 12 month account for XBOX live, giving you the same content as Playstation network, you would need to pay up 59.99$, 24.99 $ for the three months subscription, and 9.99$ for one month. This will grant you a great online experience, loads of free games each month to pick and play, and game discounts along with other things on market. 2359548-xbl7

Playstation network will give all that and more with over 250 games available so far to choose from, and other entertaining options like music service Spotify,  Playstation view- a different way to get at TV that is better than most cable packages out there that you can actually get. Another service worth mentioning is Playstation Plus, a service that delivers a ton of great games, so you are basically paying one price and playing as much as you want. All of these great features you can get for 49.99$ for a 12 months membership, 17.99$ for a tree month membership, or a one month membership for 9.99$.

Let’s conclude. Looking at benefits of both consoles and services that they provide along with the price for them it is clear that Playstation network comes out on top. Not just because it is simply cheaper but also because it offers service content that is exclusive and contains all the features that XBOX can offer. Both platforms were under DDOS attacks and hackers mostly during the holiday season, but what is important is the way each of them contributed in buying back their thrust from fans. What happened was inevitable and there was no way anyone could know this attacks would happen,  but what Sonny did adding all those games from 2K, Activision, Bethesda is truly remarkable, showing that they really care what gamers that prefer PSN over XBOX live  want to see and experience in online gaming.

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