Which is Better? PlayStation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold

Aug 23

Just like with other famous rivalries along the lines of Pepsi Vs Coke, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live Gold are products with strong similarities that are polarizing among users. After a while, it comes down to a matter of taste, but a comparison can be made. After all, there has to be an advantage that one has over the other, even if it’s a small one.

These are services for Microsoft’s Xbox platform and Sony’s PlayStation consoles. With both, you can enjoy playing with your friends. Each service has giveaways every month, they have discounts for their users, and both will set you back approximately the same price in subscriptions. But, let’s take a closer look.

How much do they cost?

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is somewhat cheaper with a 12-month subscription being $49.99, and a 3-month membership costing $17.99. A one-month membership is also available, and it costs $9.99, just like the one on Xbox.

Xbox Live Gold has a 12-month subscription that comes out to a total of $59.99. If you want a 3-month plan it’s $24.99, while a one-month membership costs $9.99.

When it comes to price, PlayStation Plus has a slight advantage of the Xbox Live Gold.

Free games every month

Xbox live gold offers their users a number of free titles depending on which, and how many consoles you own. With an older Xbox 360, you receive two games per month. If you’ve got the most recent console, the Xbox One, then you get two free games as well, although one is probably going to be carried over from a previous month. If you’re a proud owner of two Microsoft console, then there are four games in it for you with their service.


PlayStation Plus offers a total of six free games each month, but keep in mind that you have to own the PS4, the PS3, as well as the PlayStation Vita. But, don’t be discouraged because a good number of games run across multiple platforms.

When it comes to free titles, both services offer a lot, but PlayStation Live gives more often recent or brand new games. Besides that, there are quite a few indie games for PlayStation live members. On the other hand, Xbox Live Gold isn’t on par with Sony’s service, even though there’s a constant improvement on its part.

What about discounts?

Xbox Live Gold has discounts on many different games for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One every week. Wildly varying, they can range from 30% all the way up to 75%, not just for small indie games, but also triple A heavy hitters. There are sales for non-gold members, too, but Gold subscribers get the best deals.

PlayStation Plus has regular sales in its store just like Xbox Live. Although they’re open to all members, users that are PlayStation Plus subscribers tend to get a bigger discount. For example, during the Holiday Sale, PlayStation Plus subscribers get 10% extra off on games that were already on discount.

When it comes to discounts, PlayStation and Xbox are neck and neck. They both have discounts and regular sales, but also special deals for subscribers. You won’t be losing anything with either. There’s a constant offer of discounted games for both services.

The perks of opposing sides

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you get cloud saves, access to beta versions of their programs, and game trailers. One clear advantage to Sony’s services is the exclusive tv programming, which the Xbox doesn’t have. For example, the original series titled ‘Powers’ is turning out to be a big draw for new members.

xbox gold

Xbox Live Gold members can get their hands on demos and take part in beta programs ahead of nonsubscribers, but also have access to storage in the cloud. Xbox DVR is a simple way to view game clips and screenshots, create playlists and albums, and share these through social media.

With regards to perks, both services are pretty close, but PlayStation has popular tv show going for it, so it’s another round for PlayStation Plus in the books.

If judged by these categories, coming out on top is PlayStation Plus. But, in the end, just like with Pepsi And Coke, it’s a matter of personal preference. You won’t regret getting either.

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