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Mar 29

What are PSN Card Codes and How to Get Them?

Many people are wondering how to get games for free and is that really possible. Now there are, as we know already, programs, sites and videos that are a total hoax. First of all PSN codes do exist, and yes they are available but In order to make difference between the fake and real ones you need to know how they work. So let’s talk about how to get free psn card codes that actually work, and what are they exactly.  CVvRbioWcAAFYYF

Playstation network card codes are the codes that allow you daily, monthly or a 12 months membership so you can use all that great applications, download games, music programs, TV shows and other available content on the network. For each of these types of memberships you would, naturally, need to pay in order to get them. In other words they are your ticket to the gaming wonderland called Plastation network. Now there are some unfortunate codes that don’t make it into the hands of happy customers and they are collateral damage generated by stupidity of the same customers unable to properly redeem the code. Every card code that is purchased is protected by a silver panel underneath which is the code. Sometime this panel is damaged by customer and so the code goes to waste. Sony found a way to use these codes by donating them in a form of lottery to less fortunate people who can’t buy them. PSN “generators” are created for this exact purpose. Updated-PSN-Code-Generator-June-20141-660x330

They cycle all that codes that “didn’t make it” and the only way to get them is by visiting legit websites that allow you just this, so don’t try to find these services on sites that have bunch of things to offer. So if a site looks legit and offers only PSN codes via PSN code generator it is definitely the right choice and there is no risk. The best thing is that they are totally free and work 100 % with no viruses attached. Also if the content of the website, that you think offers codes, provides you a link to download don’t trust it. That kind of download will most certainly contain a virus that hackers use to attach to the file. The download option must be from the source itself, the website that you choose, and will appear in the down left corner of browser as it would normally appear after you insert some not to personal information about yourself. Also another way to see if it is the real deal is to check if they ask you for your country for your SEN account. The country on the voucher card and the country that you choose when you created your SEN account must be the same. If the site didn’t ask you to enter this than it is most definitely a fake one containing a virus. So be sure to check these, above mentioned, steps of precaution in order to stay protected.

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