How to redeem free PSN vouchers?

Jul 20
redeem psn codes

If you want to use a PlayStation gift card or if you have a PS Plus subscription, you have to have money on the PSN account. You can get a voucher code which has a set of letters and numbers when you buy a card.

The codes are available on the PS Store, through email, and with a game disk. Many users find redeeming codes for PlayStation 4. If you still didn’t give it a try, visit this page¬†and redeem your PSN card code with the online generator.

We will now explain exactly the steps you should take to get a code very easily.

There are two types of codes; twelve digits and ten digits. The twelve digit code can be redeemed and used to download games and other features like PlayStation Plus. You can also add money go your online wallet on PSN. The ten digit codes are also usable, but we’ll talk about the longer ones first.


First, open the PS Store and scroll down the menu on the left side. Find the option for redeeming codes and then press the X button. Then use the on-screen keyboard and enter the code. You don’t have to enter blank spaces or any capital letters.

Press the R2 button after entering the code and select continue. If you are trying to redeem fund voucher on your wallet, you’ll be asked for the desired amount. Select confirm again and use the code to get items. If you select continue now will give you the option to download the content.

Selecting otherwise will lead you to the library where you can download the games you want. Then select the arrow located next to the item you want to download and press X. You will also confirm the add-ons installed here.

The 10 digit codes work a little different. You have to enter them in the PS Store shopping cart. Open the card that contains at least one product and enter select enter discount code. After entering the code, press R2, and select continue to see the new, discounted price of all items in your cart.

psn card codes

Then just select proceed to checkout and select the payment method. Select continue one more time and the transaction will end. You can remove a code if you want to use it later on.

There are a couple of reasons why your code may not be accepted. These are the things to know:

  • Verify the correct code entry. Try it a couple of times if it doesn’t work right away.
  • You can redeem a code only once. Note that every code is for a single use.
  • Try entering the same code later on. Sometimes codes can be rejected because the game is too new so you have to enter them a couple of days later.
  • Every PSN account can use only one discount code. If yours is not accepted, you might have one applied already.
  • Check if your voucher expired. They have expiration days so make sure to check first.
  • Sometimes the retailer activates PlayStation Plus and gift cards. If this happens just return to the store and ask for a replacement.

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